China threatening war against India should not be shocking news for anyone. The communist country has always tried to prove the world, that they are the strongest. However, the tensions between the neighbouring countries have only increased after the visit of Dalai Lama to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.

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China claims the Arunachal Pradesh as the South Tibet as per the historical data. However, New Delhi has always maintained that Arunachal has been part of India and will remain so. The recent visit of Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Spiritual leader to Arunachal Pradesh has irked the Chinese so much that they have renamed six towns of Arunachal Pradesh in the local language. India has protested and reacted sharply and has said that no foreign government has any business to rename any place of India.

With all these events, the Global Daily, the State Controlled Newspaper of China, has now threatened India over Arunachal. It says that the boundaries dispute can be solved otherwise with the strength and mentioned that China is mightier than India in that case. So, there would be no need for talks.

China threatening war against India is nothing new. Chinese have fought India in 1962 and occupied the Aksai Chin from the mainland. The communist country has shown no interest in returning the land that they have captured by force.

However, the state-run media of China should not be blamed. The Chinese Media terms the Indian reports as Absurd, however, a place where there is no democracy can only write what Government asked them to write. So, whatever Chinese Media says reflect the thought process of the Government. However, China must keep in mind that it is not 1962 and if there is war, then both the countries stand to lose hugely.