Source: AFP

China readies for war against the US to gain control over Taiwan, reports suggest. The Communist country is planning to double the nuclear warhead in the next 10 years. According to some reports, China has nuclear warheads of capacity between 200-300. However, the Pentagon understands that this is far lesser than what the US has.

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Chinese have invested a lot in the People Liberation Army or PLA. Starting from modernization to building equipment, China is trying to surpass the US. The goal of the Chinese Communist Party is to become the strongest country in the world with a formidable army by 2049.

It has gained power in the Navy, Air Force, and the Army. Reports suggest that in some sectors, China has gained some control. It wants Taiwan to be under its control. However, the risk of US intervention is looming over it. Hence, the goal is to be the superpower to drag the US out of the South China Sea and the nearby region to gain control over Taiwan or the Republic of China.

How much prepared is China?

As China readies for war against the US, amidst clash with India, there are few things that the CCP and PLA must remember. The US is the seasoned armed forces. They have fought battles in almost all parts of the country. However, the last time China fought was against Vietnam over Cambodia in 1979. The PLA launched an offensive attack against the then socialist Vietnamese government after it gained control of Cambodia. China claimed victory, but they could not deter the Vietnamese from Cambodia. The Vietnamese army was present in Cambodia until 1989.

In 1967, PLA attacked Nathu La and Cho La posts. The PLA attacked the Indian troops at the gates. Indian army did not lose control of the posts and many PLA fortifications were destroyed.

The only thing that the Chinese PLA had was 1962 against India. When the Indian Prime Minister fell into the trap of the “Panchsheel Agreement’ with China and believed that China would never encroach India. The unprepared army of India was taken off guard by the Chinese troop and they managed to occupy large Indian territories.

However, since then, the Chinese army has only made drills. They have applied their brute forces to their own citizens.

If modern equipment can win someone a war, then tactics, experience, and strategies would have never been coined.