China North Korea Relation is overrated – No Chinese cannot stop Kim Jong-Un

China North Korea relationship has been the topic of discussion since the tensions have increased between the United States and the North Korea. Trump Administration has said that the Chinese Government can try to normalize things to avoid the bitter path to deter North Korea from Nuclear weapons. The situation is worrying as the Nuclear Strike capable warships have already reached the South Korean port. Japan, South Korea, and the United States have remained rigid about the aggressive Nuclear Policy of North and continued with the warship movement despite the threat from the Kim Jong-Un.

However, the role of China in this entire controversy has been overrated by Media and the United States. Practically, the China North Korea diplomatic relations are in decline since a long time especially after Kim Jong-Un assumed power after the death of his father Kim Jong-Il. He has never met the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and neither has received any official visit from the Chinese counterpart. The diplomatic relations between the two countries have been in all time low. China has made repeated attempts to denuclearize the state, but North has hardly bothered. Kim Jong-il, father of the current premier started the Nuclear Program after the Saddam Hussain incident of Iraq. He felt that if the US has to be deterred, then the only way is to have the Nuclear weapon. He started the program and his son has taken it to another level. However, due to the secrecy level of the country, the world even China is unaware of the power and strength of the country. But there is no denying the fact, that North Korea is highly militarized country and the troops can be mobilized with ease. China understands these facts very well. It is very obvious to consider that China has nothing to do with North Korea in that case. However, even now, the Dragons are trying their best to shield North, there are several reasons for it.

The first thing is an uprising. If the communist country fails due to the continuous pressure of the United States and Japan, the inner rebels may start an uprising against China. There are many North Koreans in China and they can even start standing against the Red Party and start a movement. On the other hand, the US, Japan, and South Korean defence will be at the doorstep for the dragons and they would never want that. China knows that North Korea has to fall one day, because, no country has ever succeeded with such economic, political and diplomatic norms. But the influx of the refugees that may come to China is a worrying factor. China is already the most populated country in the world and has no intention of increasing it with the refugees.

There are little chances that Kim Jong-Un will hear anything of China. The Dragons have now clearly threatened that any Nuclear Missile test from the North would drag the relation of the two countries to a point from where the return would be impossible.

However, the tension is on the rise in Korean Peninsula and knowing the nature of the United States and North Korea, it looks a war in inevitable. However, the fear of Nuclear Attack, Mass Killing, and World War III is panicking the entire world. If not controlled, the coming days can cause irrecoverable damage to the world.