China captures more Nepalese land
Photo Credit: WION

China captures more Nepalese land as it continues to push for expansionism. Nepal, an ally of China is not spared too. After reports of encroaching Rui village in Nepal, it has now encroached in the Humla district of Nepal.

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China has even constructed buildings in Nepalese territory without consent. The Chinese soldiers have even blocked access to that area to the Nepal citizens.

China captures more Nepalese land

Vishnu Bahadur Lama, President of Local Village Council, went on a visit to his territory. He revealed later that has PLA completed the buildings in Limi village of Lapcha. He wasn’t allowed to enter his own territory and pushed back the PLA.

Lama took some of the photos of these buildings on his mobile phone. The buildings are built within 2 KM into Nepalese territory. Chinese are roaming in that area.

WION reported that Humla District Chief Chiranjeev Giri said that he has no idea of the construction.

China captured Nepalese land in recent times

The Survey Department of Agriculture Ministry of Nepal showed a list of 11 places of which 10 places were encroached by China. China is believed to have encroached 33 hectares of Nepalese land.     

As per a document accessed by ANI, the department spoke about nefarious design by China to acquire Nepalese land. The document said,

“because of which some rivers and its tributaries have changed their course and are flowing towards Nepal. The flow of rivers is gradually receding the Nepalese territories and if it continues to remain so for some more time, it would cede the maximum portion of Nepal’s land towards TAR,”

The flow of river Sumjung, Kam Khola, and Arun rivers were diverted and the land encroached.  China has also pushed the international border in Dolakha 1.5 KM towards Nepal.

Chinese Communist Party has now occupied lands on Gorkha and Drachula districts.

China is already in a stand-off with India for land grabbing. China has territorial disputes with Malaysia and Vietnam in the South China Sea. They claim Taiwan and often drill in the Taiwan Strait. China is also in loggerhead with Australia and the US.

It has faced widespread criticism against the Hong Kong Security Law to curb the freedom of Hong Kong.