China blocks Masood Azhar as terrorist in UN and simply gave a backing to Pakistan which backs JeM Chief. Masood Azhar is a deadly terrorist and he is recognized by his terrorism in most of the countries.

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China blocks Masood Azhar

China has simply wasted another chance to be a responsible country to be the next superpower. China has two close allies North Korea and Pakistan and both the name are troubling the world peace. China wants to tease India with several methods but keeps on forgetting that India is the third largest economy in Asia and second largest trade partner of China.

The country is already in a tussle with Japan over the South China Sea that is the second largest economy in Asia. Japan and India are now going ahead with peaceful nuclear reactor deal as per the reports. Japan is coming very close to India and that should be a worrying sign for Beijing that they refuse to accept.

Even if the regional disputes are set aside, backing terrorists make them nothing but a terror sponsor. China may be using Pakistan for own benefits but by sponsoring the terrorists they are inviting global troubles.

China blocks Masood Azhar at UN and that simply shows that the country is unworthy of becoming the superpower in coming times.

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