China Bans Pakistan Muslims – Is China-Pak Friendship Real?

China bans Pakistan Muslims from the Chinese hotels reported The Independent. According to the report, Chinese budget hotels in Guangzhou have been provided with a notice by the Police to reject any guests from five Muslim countries.

The countries listed are Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and their close friend Pakistan. The hotel owners said that they have no idea about the ban. China bans Pakistan Muslims along with other countries till September 10 and it has been speculated that this is the preventive measure for the G20 Meeting at Hangzhou. The cities are separated by 620 miles but the Chinese officials are very much scared of Islamic Extremist attack and the orders have been passed, speculated the analysts. G20 Summit will be a key affair for China as it heads the Chair this time. However, the order does not extend to the luxury or higher class hotels. But as China bans Pakistan Muslims along with other four countries, the question arises whether the China-Pak Friendship for real? However, authorities said that they have no such reports despite the hotel owners told the concerns to South China Morning Post and Reuters.

Is China-Pak Friendship Real?

China-Pak friendship remains the talk of the town in Pakistan media. The CPEC or China Pakistan Economic Corridor has fascinated the Pakistan. However, the friendship does not really look for very real after the incident. China has little belief over the Pakistanis and fears that an Islamic attack is possible. Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan people are also banned from the hotels. Interestingly, China bans Turkey people as well from budget hotels in Guangzhou and Turkey is a member of G20.

The china-pak relationship always remains under a cloud as the proposed CPEC of $46 billion benefits only China and burden Pakistan under tremendous economic pressure. However, the Pakistan Government feels loyal to China and seems to take all the risks for friendship. However, the question still remains is China-Pak friendship for real or is it some other land grabbing intentions from China?

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