China bans Islamic Names – Hippocratic Pakistan should celebrate

China bans Islamic names in the Xinjiang Province where the Muslim Uighur majority is facing another crisis. The Human Rights Watch reported that the Xinjiang Government has decided to ban many of the Muslim Names as these add religious flavour to the province. The report says that Religious Freedom of the people is under serious threat to counter the Religious extremism.

China bans Islamic Names

The government has many regulations imposed on the Xinjiang Province for the Muslim communities. There is ban during the month of Ramzan as well that does allow them to fast as per the religious belief. As per the reports, Hokou, or the Permit will not be granted anyone who is named as Muslims. There are many names that are there on the list. There will be no education and medical facilities as well without Hokou for them.

China has long denied the religious rights of the Muslims in Xinjiang. There is an uproar in the area, but the lack of democratic rights have made the local Muslims oppressed. One of the dearest ally of China, Pakistan promotes Islamic values all over the world. It has long interfered in the internal politics of India in the name of Islam, especially in Kashmir. However, hypocrisy reaches it best when it comes to China. Pakistan has never condemned or said against the Muslim oppression in China.

Well, Pakistan owes huge to China thanks to the CPEC that has not yielded any result so far. It gets funded for many other activities from China believe many defence experts from China. In such scenario, there are little chances that Pakistan would say anything against Chinese ban on Islamic Names.