Inner Mongolian Protest
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Attempts to Curbing the Mongolian language in the Inner Mongolian region of China has sparked the huge protest. The Chinese Communist Party as part of the new agenda has pushed to replace the Mongolian language with Mandarin for a medium of instruction. The locals are not up for the change though. People from Mongolian heritage of this region believe this is the last thing they have of their identity and heritage. They are not in a mood to give up the last straw reported New York Times.

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The Inner Mongolian province of China has seen years of repression. The semi-autonomous province has seen an economic surge with the natural resources industry. However, Han Chinese are the beneficiaries of the industry, believe the Chinese experts. Since, 1978, after economic reforms, this has been one of the developing provincial areas but not for the indigenous Mongolian lineage people.

The protestors are peacefully protesting in front of the school. Initially, social media in China was flooded with these messages. However, due to online censorship, the messages are mostly curbed now. There are reports of attacking the protestors by the authorities as well. However, it has refused to die down.

The authorities have eventually come up with some settlement with the locals. It has been informed that the Mongolian language will also be taught along with Chinese. However, Chinese will be the medium of instructions for language, literature, history, and politics. The authorities have urged the parents to send the kids back to the schools. However, parents are not willing to give up on their last existing Mongolian link.

Petitions with signatures and red fingertips were floating on social media a few days back.

Since Xi Jinping has assumed power as the General Secretary of the Communist Party in China, he has increased efforts to assimilate the people with mainland China. Anyone who protested was imprisoned. Fate has been the same for the Tibetans and Uyghurs. The cultural destruction of the people there is not unknown to the world. Mongolians had face the same fate and language is the only thing they are left with. They are protesting, singing songs in Mongolian, and shouting slogans.

Inner Mongolia Protest
Source: New York Times

Political experts believe that a crackdown on the protestors is expected from the Chinese Communist Party. The modus operandi of the CCP has been repression and crackdown. They have committed cultural genocide in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia.

The international community has remained silent over the human rights abuse of China. Most of the countries have remained tight-lipped for the business interest, others for ideological similarities. This has in fact increased the repression of the people from China Occupied Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia.