Sabastian Pinera
Source: Reuters

Chilean president fined after a selfie surfaced where he was seen not wearing a mask. The health authorities clarified that the President has been fined $3500.

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The Chilean president, Sabastian Pinera, later apologized for the incident. He clarified that he was walking on the beach near his home in the town of Cachagua. However, a woman recognized him and asked for a photo together. The President obliged and took a selfie together.

The selfie soon surfaced and he was seen with a woman standing in very close proximity, and neither of them was wearing a mask, reported Reuters.

Chile has very strict rules against not wearing a mask. The health authorities have imposed heavy fines for violating the rules.

The country witnessed a huge spike in coronavirus cases during the month of May and June, the Southern hemisphere winter. However, by November it was stabilized. Chile is currently witnessing the second wave.

So far, it was recorded 581,135 cases and fatalities of 16,051 due to COVID19.

Even though the Chilean president fined for the actions, but this was not the first time that he stirred controversy.

Last year, a protest broke out for inequality in Santiago. But the protestors were forced to stay at home after the pandemic hit. But he took the opportunity to visit the hub of the demonstration after protestors left the scene and took a selfie there.