A massive child sex traffic gang busted by the Sunshine State Authorities.  A two-year probe ended with 178 arrests for exploiting a Florida teen. Among the arrested, there is allegedly one high-profile booster for Florida State University.

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The operation was called ‘stolen innocence’ and started in November 2018. Charges of the accused include solicitation of prostitution to human trafficking of a minor.

The investigation began when images of a child were posted on the website. It was an advertisement of sex for money, police informed. The girl was allegedly 13th or 14th when most of the offenses started. However, the exploitation would have started before the 13th birthday, reported NY Post.

Reports confirmed that 72 were charges for misdemeanors and notices to appear. However, the remaining 108 have been charged with a felony, and 18 of them are federally charged.

Child sex traffic gang busted

One former chairman of the Seminole Boosters, Doug Russell, a fundraising arm of Florida State University Athletics, a former write-in candidate for local office, Jermaine Miller, and a physical education teacher, Brian Winsett. was also arrested among them.

Doug was charged with solicitation of prostitution. Miller was charged for lewd and lascivious behavior involving a child under 16. Winsett was charged under both the charges.

There were several women who were also charged with serious crimes. The child has been rescued, reported NY Post.

There are claims that the mother of the child is involved in the network and used for sex for money. However, it cannot be confirmed as of now.

The girl is under trauma but able to reveal details. The incidents took place in filthy apartments, motels, and hotels.