Malaysia Child Marriage Law has sparked an outrage among people. However, the Malaysian Parliament feels nothing wrong in it. A bill was introduced in the Malaysian Parliament by the opposition MP Teo Nie Ching. However, the majority of the Parliament voted against it.

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Shabudin Yahaya, MP of Barisan Nasional coalition, has reasons to allow child marriages. He said that a girl attains puberty at the age of 9 or 12. So, as per Sharia Law, she is ready for marriage physically and spiritually. He said there is nothing wrong with child marriage. However, this is the overall thinking of the Malaysian parliament as well. Malaysia, a Muslim Majority country in the South East Asia, has both Civil Law and Islamic Law in the country. As per the Civil Law, minimum age of marriage is 18 but boys and girls below that age can get married if the Chief Minister of the State allows. As per the Islamic law, the age is 16, and the marriage is permissible below that age if the Sharia Court allows it.

However, things did not stop here. The MP, Shabudin Yahaya, said that there is nothing wrong when a child is married to the rapist as it will save her from the bleak future. The opposition has demanded his outright ban. However, he defended himself later and said that he was interpreted wrong and did not mean to say that rapists should get cover from the law with marriage after rape.

Malaysia has seen a huge number of child sexual abuse. The new law has come into the effect now which gives punishment for the molestation, obscene touching, and other sexual harassment activities. The punishment ranges from five whips to 30 years in prison. A special court shall also be setup for faster verdict.