In the midst of ISIS, Syria, Iraq and attacks, people have started forgetting Boko Haram and war ravaged Nigeria. The country that has suffered huge loss due to the extremist Islamic group is now standing in a “What’s Next” position. Remember the 276 girls who were abducted from the Secondary Government School of Chibok? Well, the homes in Chibok are burnt down, people have moved across, but the girls are still missing. Well, yes some of them have come back but close to 249 girls are still missing and nobody knows where they are. Boko Haram has intended to carry out an Islamic Caliphate in Nigeria but what it has done to Nigeria is worse than that.

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Boko Haram

Horrific Tale of Abduction of Boko Haram

The girls who were released or found by the army are now under keen observations. But the horrific tale of sexual abuse and torture of the captors is outrageous. Many of the young school girls were forcibly married to the captors, some were sold and some were raped day after day. But that was not adequate for the captors. The intelligence reports say that many girls were brainwashed to carry out the suicide bombings. But one has to agree that many cases may appear forced suicide bombings as well. The UN Reports suggest that there is nothing wrong in the report as well. In 2014, number of girl children carried suicide bombing was only 4 but in 2015 it became 44. As per the girls released, they are more interested for sexual abuse than caliphate.

Boko Haram Chibok Girls

Where are Chibok Girls?

The mystery of the abducted Chibok Girls is dense and confusing. The amount of support and concern that it generated almost couple of years ago is noteworthy. Even the US first lady tweeted #BringBackOurGirls. But where they are? Experts say that, Boko Haram leadership and the girls are in Sambisa Forest, a dense forest in Nigeria. Army has failed to win the tactical war in Sambisa, even though it has removed Boko Haram from other parts. The remote and vast forest is at tips for the militants. However, there are reports that suggest that Chibok Girls may have sold off or married off and they are no longer in Nigeria. The militants released the above photo once and told all of the girls have been converted to Islam.



What Next?

Nigerian Military has gained some success in recent times but the amount of damage that Boko Haram has created is hard to revive. Nigerian Government had promised to rebuild the war ravaged area, but the villages in Nigeria are still scattered like graveyards. The pain of missing daughters are haunting Nigeria. The militancy that has caused uncountable deaths in all parts of Nigeria are mere numbers, but the amount of fear, setbacks and pain caused by them are unforgettable and unforgivable.