Cheapest smartphone in the world – Freedom 251 to be sold for INR 251 or $4

Cheapest smartphone in the world is set to be revealed by the Ringing Bells as Freedom 251. The new cheapest smartphone in the world will cost only INR 251 that stands approximately $4. However, the features associated with Freedom 251 can shock anyone. The Noida based company revealed that the new smartphone has been released in order to make the smartphone available to most of the people to India. However, the price is extremely low and that can be a valid reason to buy this phone. But the smartphone has already come into controversy as reports have emerged as the phone is rebranded Chinese phone and it has racked up controversy.

If the market analysis is carried out then even the simplest of basic phones are also costlier than Freedom 251 but the Ringing Bells has managed to come out with the phone in astonishing price with the help of Government of India.

Cheapest smartphone in the world

Cheapest Smartphone in the world – Freedom 251 Specifications

Freedom 251 should sport a 4 inch IPS display. However, the company has not revealed the resolution. The phone will be powered by 1.3GHz Quad Core processor of unrevealed brand with 1 GB of RAM. The Freedom 251 should come with 8 GB of ibnternal storage and would come with some pre-installed apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Swachh Bharat, Women Safety and others. It has the camera even though not high end. It has 3.2 MP Rear Camera with moderate clarity along with a 0.3 MP Front Camera. The phone is expected to run on Android Lollipop. It should have 1450 mAh battery as well. Even though the specifications are not as glittery as it should be for other Android phones but that is well beyond the imagination for a throwaway price.

Cheapest smartphone in the world

The smartphones are available only to 14% of the people in India and the mission of Ringing Bells may come true with the cheapest smartphone in the world. The low price of the phone should attract many buyers in near future.

Cheapest smartphone in the world – Release Date

The phone should ready to book from coming tomorrow at the Freedom 251 website. However, the completion of the shipment may take time till June. The company has not revealed any detail of taking the product to retail stores.