Source: HT

Chandrayan -3, India’s 3rd moon mission will be launched in early 2021. The Minister of State for Department of Space, Jitender Singh confirmed. This comes on the day of the anniversary of the hard landing of the Vikram lander on the south pole of the moon. Vikram lander, part of the Chandrayan -2, made a hard landing on the south pole of the moon on last year.

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However, the orbiter of Chandrayan – 2 is working as planned and sending details to the ISRO. Chandrayan – 1, the first moon mission was also successful for the Indian Space Research Organization.

It is understood that Chandrayan – 3 will not have an orbiter. However, it will have a lander and a rover. India is planning to touch down the surface yet again after hard landing last time. Had Vikram soft-landed, India would have become the first country ever to do that in the first attempt.

The lander and rover will be improvised and improved with the experience from Chandrayan – 2. ISRO has made significant progress in the space research field and has put India as one of the countries with impeccable space research efficiency.

The third moon mission was planned to be launched in late 2020. However, due to the pandemic, many of the projects under ISRO are delayed. The moon mission also faced the delay and now will be launched next year.

The preparation for the first Human-space mission is going on a full scale. The preparation and the training are as per schedule. ISRO to launch the Human-space mission in 2022.