Chadian President Deby Killed in Rebel Gun Fighting

Chadian President, of three decades, Idriss Deby Itno, was killed in a gunfight. The President reportedly went to the front-line where the military was fighting against a rebel group. The military said that the president fought bravely but was wounded. He succumbed to his injuries later.

The military immediately named his son as the interim leader. His son, Mahamat, a top military commander. However, his appointment has further cast doubts over President Deby’s death. The murky death of the president has created panic in the capital, N’Djamena. Many people believe that it could be a coup planned with 37-year-old, Mahamat.

The citizens torn apart by the political violence, poverty, rebels, and Islamic terrorism, want a change. Ironically, President Deby died hours after he was re-elected in the election for the next 6 years.

The rebel group that killed the president said that Chad is a democracy and not a monarchy. The power cannot be simply passed over to the son. They vowed to fight until they siege the capital.

The neighboring countries are also worried about the development. The political instability could pass on to the neighboring state, believes African Council as well. This could also result in civilians’ deaths, the council fears.

The oil-rich, Central African nation is entering a new paradigm of uncertainty. As per Chad’s constitution, the National Assembly must step in. However, the military has defied that by appointing Mahamat as the leader.

The military also called for calm and instituted a 6 PM curfew. The land and air border of the country is currently closed. Even though the residents are confined in their homes, but international community fears the worst.

The UN Peacekeeping Mission has 1800 staffers in Chad. It said that they are closely watching the situation on an hourly basis.