to remove Punjab from Udta Punjab

A panel of Censor Board has decided to remove Punjab from Udta Punjab, an upcoming movie of Shahid Kapoor. The reason behind the removal is believed to be the image of Punjab. The name of movie translates to Flying Punjab and it talks about the Drug Addiction of Punjab. Well, if it is said that the Flying word is hurting the image of Punjab then the addiction is actually destroying the sovereignty of the state.

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Media reports have suggested the growing case of drug addiction in Punjab and that is a real cause of worry. The youth is actually diverting from the main course. I have been in Punjab for 4 years and I have experienced it with my own eyes. People are slowly getting dragged towards the depth of devastation. But honestly to remove Punjab from Udta Punjab is not going to make any difference.

One can preciously draw the due Punjab Election to this context. The ruling government may get backlash if the movie garners good support from the audience. However, this is not at all a political issue instead a social issue. No government should encourage such addiction and it would be appreciated if the Punjab government starts campaign and action to stop this.

But somehow everything in India gets connected to the politics and I will not be surprised if the movie gets banned in Punjab too despite the order to remove the Punjab from Udta Punjab. The reason behind it is that you can change the name but not the content. The movie can be an inspiration for those who are addicted to drugs that it leads nowhere but death. However, the climax of the movie is unknown but I am sure it wouldn’t have glorified drugs.

So, the question remains, is the removal of Punjab from Udta Punjab a solution or we are missing something very serious here?