Cauvery issue between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu fail to come to a negotiation. The Karnataka Government again missed the deadline set by the Supreme Court to release 6000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu. This has actually posed huge threats on Karnataka as Supreme Court said that “wrath of law” will be imposed. A meeting has been called on October 3rd but the deadline has already been missed as Karnataka has not released water in Cauvery Issue.

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Here are the five things that Supreme Court may do on October 6 for the next hearing for ignoring, disrespecting the law and constitution, it can also be seen from the perspective of the disintegration of the country.

1. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah may be dismissed or sacked as the Chief Minister of Karnataka following the disrespect of constitution.
2. The entire Karnataka Administration can be dismissed for the charges of disobeying Constitution of India.
3. Army may be directed to release the water to Tamil Nadu after scrapping the government and administration.
4. Central Government may be asked to release the water after scrapping the government.
5. Karnataka may agree to release the water and seek time, however, it has to be immediate.

As per the ex-judges of High Court, Supreme Court have all the options as per the Article 141,142,144,145 to scrap the government and the water would be released. One of the ex-judges of Madras High Court said that similar thing happened in 2002 and when the Supreme Court said the then CM, that it is his time to go, he agreed to release the water.

Cauvery Issue may be heading towards something similar and serious.

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