Cascade Mall Shooter has been captured by the Police. The gunman has been arrested and taken into custody after massive operation was launched to capture him. The gunman entered the Cascade Mall in Burlington, almost 65 miles from the Seattle. He then started a shooting rampage at the Cosmetics Section of the Macy’s Department Store.

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Before any help could reach the people, he killed four women and wounded one man. The man later died in a hospital. The incident took place at around 7 PM in Local Time on Friday. The footage showed the gunman wearing a gray shirt and he left the weapon at the mall as well. However, he was not immediately traced. The Police said that the man was Hispanic and was in his 20s’. The surveillance Camera photo was grainy in nature but it was enough for the police to nab the culprit who killed 5 people.

Cascade Mall

This is not the first time that shooting rampage has killed people in the United States, but the effective solution of this situation is yet to be found. The authorities have not revealed the motive for the killing, but it is believed that it was one of the many incidents when a rampant shooter kill people in the United States. As per the reports, almost 30,000 deaths a year is reported for gun violence in the United States. The Cascade Mall Shooter may reveal the actual reasons for killing during the probe, but the authorities aren’t very relaxed about the situation.

Cascade Mall Shooter

The mall has been closed on Saturday in the respect of the victims, but the solution to the long standing gun violence has been exposed in Cascade Mall Shooting yet again.

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