Cannabis is no longer a dangerous drug. The UN Commissions voted to remove it from the category of the World’s most dangerous drug. This would pave the way for marijuana research and medical use.

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Commission for Narcotics Drugs, based in Vienna includes 53 member states. It has now considered a series of recommendations from WHO for reclassifying cannabis and its derivatives. It has been now removed from Schedule IV for the most dangerous drugs.

Even though this does not change any stance of the government to control it, but this could at least send guidance for many countries. The drug researchers have welcomed the decision by the UN.  They believe that marijuana has been used by the population for medicinal use since ancient times. This decision could bolster the effort of such researches though.

The research effort has largely increased in recent times and many nonintoxicating compounds have surfaced. CBD or Cannabidiol is the most common one.

Experts believe that this decision is a big step forward and it will essentially encourage countries to lay a framework around it.

The first recommendation by WHO was made in 2019.

The reclassification was passed by 27 to 25 votes. Ukraine abstained from voting. Nations like the United States, the European Union voted in favor. Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Egypt, China are among the countries that opposed it.

It is expected that those opposed would not set up any framework for such research in their country.

This could be the beginning of many new types of research around Cannabis.