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Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases in the world. Every year millions of people die of cancer. There is limited scope of treatment for the Cancer and thus people emphasis on the prevention of cancer rather than the treatment of it.  It is not very difficult to keep the disease at bay. Here are the foods that should be at your dish every day.

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Do you love eating broccoli? Well, if you want to keep a watch over the dreadful disease, then make sure that you have it very often. It has immense power to fight against the cancer. The researches have shown impressive result that make Broccoli, one of the best foods for the Prostate, Breast, Blood and other types of cancer. It also has great capacity to prevent diseases like Leukaemia and brain tumours as well.

Green Tea

Stop having the tea that you take and switch to the Green Tea now. The high oxidants present at the Green Tea can give Cancer tough time. Green tea is also great for the taste and delicacy. Start taking at least two cups of the Green Tea every day.


There is a famous saying that “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor at Bay”, well; there cannot be anything better than this phrase. Apple can fight against the cancer with all might. There are many other health benefits of the Apple. Make a habit to grab an apple every day to avoid cancerous growth.


Make sure you take blueberries often if you want the cancer to be defeated. This is one of the best fruits and diet that every medical expert suggests for cancer.