It is said that relationships are made in heaven but it is entirely on people to maintain it. People say life change after marriage and that cause divorce. Well, it is the half-truth. Life does change, but the divorce happens when you fail to spot those changes and anticipate the change. Your partner and you never get hitched to get divorced, and then what actually drove you to take that hasty decision. Before you know it, you could be seeing a divorce attorney with the woman that you once pledged your life towards. There are few simple things that we fail to notice and that cause the damage slowly and result in the untimely death of a healthy relationship or marriage. Here are the reasons that mostly cause the divorce among people.

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Money talks — It is not that money is everything, but one must ensure that he finance is managed adequately. There are two things, the first is to spend for the present and the second is to save for the future. Most of the marriages are broken due to the poor financial management. Couples once divorced often struggle even more once they are legally divorced due to legal fees and moving etc. If you’re not wanting a divorce to ruin your financial situation for your single self, have a look into the likes of Insurance Quotes and the divorce insurance policies you’re able to find and compare. The insurance payout is meant for legal fees and accommodation while away from your ex-spouse.

Lack of Respect — Both of you have certain roles to play in keeping the family together. The partner must appreciate one another for the role they play. However, the complex often comes, “What’s he does for the family or What’s she is doing”? This can actually trash your emotional bonds within days and all you will do is judging each other and then blaming each other.

Be honest — It is not necessarily the affair thing. This is too common to mention but speaking on the back or back bitching is what causes the misunderstanding. Ensure what you speak behind your partner is something that you can speak in front of him or her.

Highlighting the negatives — When you love or marry someone, you love both the positives and negatives. So, when you start highlighting the negatives by pinpointing the mistakes, you are actually killing your relationship by your own hand.

Think like your partner –— Before making an argument or blaming your partner, take some time to understand your partner’s point of view. It is not necessary that your partner is correct, but stepping into his or her shoes, gives you some insight and you can save your relationship.

Violence — If you do not know when to stop your fight, you may just cross the line. Violence or stretching the fight for long can actually harm your relationship. However, that does not mean that you must not fight. Fights are meant for clarification and most of the things get clarified when you start fighting. Keeping mum and burdening your mind with unclear thoughts can only harm the relationship.

If you love your partner make sure you do not lose him or her easily. It takes few days to get divorced, but your dreams and life are much longer than that. Just think about the effect that it could have on your children if they see you go through this type of process? It can take a toll on them too and more so than what you may realize. If you can’t find a way to co-parent with your ex for the sake of your child, then you will have the added stress of having to resolve this problem with the help of custody lawyers so that you can come to a suitable arrangement. Trying to resolve your issues may just be the best thing that you can do for your relationship and your family. Don’t let him/her go, although not every relationship is worth holding on to, people have to realize when being with their partner is having more of a negative effect on them than that of a positive one, if this is the case it would be a better choice to have talks with a divorce attorney Atlanta based for example.

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