Burhan Wani Photos – How He Managed to Become Hero

Burhan Wani Photos on social media made a huge impact over Kashmir. The poster boy of Kashmir made things pretty simple for the Hizbul leaderships. He joined the militant group at the age of 15 and took the arms. It has been reported that his skills were more on to influence people to join militancy rather than fight.

Before Burhan Wani took over the Social Media where he constantly posted photos and videos to influence the youth of Kashmir, militants were mostly from across the border. However, as soon as he started his soft drive to engage the Kashmir Youth in Militancy, it became clear that Kashmir Militancy is increasing at an exponential rate. His WhatsApp and Facebook videos were regularly posted mostly by others on the Social platform.

The 22 years old Militant now has been killed. It is really depressing to see a young bright face on the death bed. But the Burhan Wani photos when he was alive show how much satisfied he was as a militant. He was the face of Kashmir Militancy and wanted to have fun, enjoy with friends. But the path, the role and the life Burhan Wani choose was destructive and it leads nowhere.

He could have done many things for his state if he would have taken the right path. A democratic politician, an official, and administrator and inspire the youth to take the course. His death now has already claimed 11 lives in Kashmir Valley for violent protest.

It is high time to understand that “Kitne Burhan Maroge, Har Ghar Se Burhan Niklega” (how many Burhan will you kill, there will be a Burhan from each house) will not work. Kashmir needs education and fresh leadership that drive them away from Militancy.

Here are the Burhan Wani Photos

Burhan Wani Photos 8

Burhan Wani Photos 10

Burhan Wani Photos 6

Burhan Wani Photos 2

Burhan Wani Photos 3

Burhan Wani Photos 4

Burhan Wani Photos 5

Burhan Wani Photos 1

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