Burhan Wani Killed – End of Poster Boy of Kashmir Militancy

Burhan Wani, the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen died after the security officials killed him in an operation. In a big breakthrough, the security officials gunned down the 22 years old poster boy of Kashmir Militancy. He was one of the most popular militant in Jammu and Kashmir who took the gun in his hand at the age of 15 years. His story is nothing less than a Bollywood plot.

He was killed by an intelligence-led operation along with other two militants. There is no question that he was a hero in Kashmir. He was one of the militants who were extremely popular in the Social Media. His videos were often shared in WhatsApp and Facebook that aimed to recruit young Kashmiri people into the dark world of militancy and terror.

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He was the son of School Principle who went the wrong path in his life. His brother was allegedly assaulted by Indian Army and to revenge the same, he took guns. It is told him that he was hugely influential and recruited many in Kashmir. His terror activities had kept Army busy for a long time. Burhan Wani was most wanted for Army and desirable for the Kashmiris who believe that he fought for the state. However, his demands were never in line with the humanity.

He belonged to a wealthy family of Tral and he was referred as the poster boy of the Kashmir Militancy. His influence was so high that Kashmir has got for a local terrorist than the infiltrate ones. There was an award announced for information on him. The huge amount of INR 10 Lakhs was announced for any information that would lead to the terrorist or the poster boy of Kashmir Militancy.

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