Bulandshahr Rape – On Monday, the A Noida based man whose daughter and wife were sexually assaulted by a gang of Robbers in Uttar Pradesh highway said that If police fail to provide justice to his family, he will commit suicide along with his wife and daughter.

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While stating his condition, the man said that “the Robbers gang raped my daughter just 100 meters away from the place where the robbers assaulted me for three hours and police was not able to nab those culprits till now. We have lived in Noida for 18 long years and everybody knows what happened to us. We now feel ashamed to go back to our place.” The man further stated that “I want to tell the entire police force that I can just give three months of ultimatum and if the justice is not delivered to us then we will commit suicide.” The grieving father of the victim said explaining the heinous Bulandshahr Rape.

The incidence has shocked the entire nation and brought the governance in Uttar Pradesh in a bad light. The victim’s family accused the UP government that police laxity led to the situation. The victim’s father said that “the robbers looted twenty-one thousand cash and jewelry from them. They only spared my elder brothers wife because she was aged. They raped my wife and 13-year-old daughter mercilessly. “

Post the incident, UP government suspended seven senior police officials and UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav gave 24 hours to the police to nab the culprits and the time limit has already passed. Police have already nabbed three culprits but the head of the gang is still on the run. The Uttar Pradesh Police is investigating the Bulandshahr Rape.