Bulandsahar Rape Victims have now taken another step to ensure the justice. The family of the victim has blamed UP police for the apathy towards the case. They have now approached the Supreme Court to shift the trial to Delhi and has also sought fair probe in the entire incident including the role of Police. They have even demanded actions against Azam Khan, SP leader for his remarks on this case.

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Bulandsahar Rape victims have suffered from one of the most brutal cases in India. However, the ordeal they have expressed after the incident only establishes the prominence of the lawlessness in the Uttar Pradesh. The family who faced the heinous crime in Delhi Kanpur Road said that they made any calls to police but none responded. The husband and father of the Bulandsahar Rape Victims also recently expressed that the woman doctor refused to believe the rape even if the 14 years old teenager was bleeding badly. There are many reactions from the different parts of the society in the brutal rape case. However, the most shocking reaction came from Azam Khan who said that it may be a political conspiracy.

Allahabad High Court has recently ordered a CBI probe into the incident. The case is under the monitoring of the High Court. However, the Bulandsahar Rape Victims want the heinous incident of July 29 to be under the watch of the Supreme Court.

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