Brucellosis outbreak in China – Several thousand infected with a bacterial disease that can make men infertile

Brucellosis outbreak in China is on the surge. The Chinese authorities have confirmed that thousands of people have been tested for the disease. The disease was caused due to a leak at a biopharmaceutical company last year, CNN News 18 reported.

As per the Health Commission of Lanzhou, of Gansu Province, at least 3245 people have been tested positive for the disease.

Brucellosis outbreak in China

This is also known as Malta Fever or Mediterranean fever and is catching up fast. The human to human transmission in this disease is rare. The infection spreads through the consumption of contaminated food or breathing in the bacteria. The outbreak in Lanzhou is connected with the breathing in the bacteria.

The infection outspread is far more than initially expected. At least 21000 people have shown the infection symptoms. Global Times reported, “The number is way larger than expected and raised widespread concern over the disease’s spread and its consequences.”

The outbreak happened from Zhongmu Lanzho pharmaceutical company when an animal vaccine for Brucellosis.

The common symptoms of Brucellosis are fever, headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue. These are mild symptoms. However, there could be more consequences, which could be far more concerning.

It can develop a chronic disease like arthritis, swelling in organs, inflammation of testicles, and render some men infertile.