Britain Shutdown
Source: Reuters

Britain shutdown coupled with raging corona cases, making it difficult for the country. Britain has registered more than 35000 cases in a single day. The European neighbors have started shutting the door siting the coronavirus concern.

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Belgium has previously closed its border to both flights and trains. The Eurostar service that connects the UK and Belgium has also been suspended. Belgium is also in talks with France

Shortly after, Netherlands and Italy have also suspended flights from the UK.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza told Reuters,

“The COVID variant recently discovered in London is worrying and will need to be investigated by our scientists. In the meantime, we choose the path of maximum prudence.”

Germany has also ordered restrictions on flights from the UK. Germany however wants to ban all flights from the UK at least till January 6.

Austria is considering the ban as well according to reports.

Boris Johnson government has tightened the restrictions around London and adjoining areas during Christmas as well.

This Britain shutdown comes at a time when the UK exits the European Union on December 31st.