Brijpal Teotia attacked on his way back from Muradnagar late on Friday night. The BJP leader who is also a member of Kishan Morcha was attacked by unidentified gunmen on the road. Almost 100 rounds of fire were shot at him.

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Brijpal Teotia and five others are critically injured. The BJP leader has been admitted to a Noida Hospital and his condition is still serious. Medical team has said that he is in danger and he has been operated. However, the chances of his survival has not been confirmed by the team.

Meanwhile Police has already started investigation and the car used for this attack has been found. The Travera was found abandoned 6 km away from the spot. Many have been held for questioning but no information has been revealed so far. Shockingly, a woman Police Officer is also under the suspect list reported AMP, but Police has refused to give further details.

It has been confirmed that AK 47 were used for the attack and political rivalry could be the prime reason for attack. However, the investigation is still undergoing and more reports to come. So far, Brijpal Teotia is still in danger.

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