BRICS Summit is important for all the countries part of it and all the national leaders are trying to make the most during the BRICS BRIMSTEC Summit in Goa, India. While India and Russia are strengthening their age old relation, China is also trying to come to the terms with India.

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However, Sino-India relationship has seen massive stress in recent times. The closeness with Pakistan of China, made them take anti-India steps just to please their close ally. Blocking Jaish-E-Muhammad Chief Masood Azhar is one of the many steps that have irked and provoked India. However, India and China are trade partners and have close to $100 Billion USD trade with China exports more. It is very obvious that China would never want to destroy the Indian Market but they can’t grow India as well at the same time. However, BRICS Summit has seen positive steps towards. It would not be immediately clear how Beijing would react to the Select and Pick strategy for terrorism but NSG bid may come for the second rounds of talk.

Russia, on the other hand, signed billion of dollars deal with India for Energy and S-400 along with Manufacturing of Helicopters. India has always been a close partner for Russia but the latest news of Russia-Pakistan Drill cast a shadow on it. However, President Putin has reportedly assured New Delhi about the concrete support in case of the battle against Terrorism.

Pakistan has obviously boiled to see the statements from Islamabad but they must realize now that acting against the Non-State Actors is the way forward for the peace and prosperity of the region.  The BRICS summit is yet another signal to Pakistan.

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