Theresa May has initiated the process of Brexit as she has sent the letter to invoked Article 50. The Article 50(2) has been invoked to withdraw from the European Treaty and thus from the European Union. The intentions have been clearly written and sent to the President Donald Tusk.

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The Lisbon Treaty or the European Treaty that has been holding the European Nations will formally see the United Kingdom leave. The letter has also mentioned the Article 106(a) which says that the UK will no longer be part of the European Atomic Energy Community. The letter has been sent after the result of the referendum was passed by both the houses of the parliament. It also received the Royal Consent from Her Majesty The Queen. It has also become a Parliament Act on March 16.
Theresa May, however, reiterated that the Brexit process shall not disturb the relationship with the other fellow countries. She has opined that the countries in the region must have greater political, financial and administrative cooperation. Even though the UK wants to come out of the European Union on the count of the Brexit Referendum, but the Prime Minister of England is interested in continuing the cooperation.

The formal process has now been initiated. However, it would take enough time before the United Kingdom becomes a different entity than the European Union. She has pushed for greater relationship many times in the letter that has been sent.

The anxious and the uncertain future of Brexit which may take the United Kingdom on any side has just begun and it will be interesting to see the future based on the outcome of the European Union and the United Kingdom.