Brexit Protest
Source: ABC

The Brexit protest has hit the streets of Northern Ireland. Many cars have been set alight. The pro-British area of Northern Ireland is seeing violence and tension. People in masks are pelting petrol bombs at the police vans. At least 20, personnel were injured in the attacks.

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Post-Brexit, new trade barriers have been introduced between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The pro-British Unionists claim that the decision has further pushed Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Previously, they even warned that this unease would lead to violence.

The reports of Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland have disturbed many. The political leaders are repeatedly urging people to calm down. The outskirts of Belfast, Newtownabbey has seen masked people with metal roads, petrol bombs, masonry, manhole covers, and others to attack the police. Burned heads, broken legs, and head wounds are mostly reported from this area.

The rioting of the Londonderry area has also caused injuries to the police officials.

Political parties have attacked the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and First Minister Arlene Foster for stocking up the tension. However, DUP said that the rioters are acting out of frustration. The head of the Police force has been asked to resign over the rioting, however.

The pro-British area is still divided between secretarial lines. Three decades of bloodshed in Northern Ireland ended 23 years ago after a peace deal. The Catholic nationalists want Northern Ireland to be part of United Ireland whereas the protestants want to stay with the UK.

This is one of the many issues the UK is facing in the Post-Brexit era. The UK needs to recover from Brexit, but pandemic and now violent protests are obviously hurting their cause.