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Racist attacks on Polish have astonished many as the Brexit impact in the world but the United Kingdom is actually heading towards the Hate Crime. The 57% of the rise in the hate crime after the EU Referendum shows how much intolerance is surging in the United Kingdom. The shires of the UK and even London have seen abused hurled at the EU citizens, especially Polish. The Daily Mail reported that BBC presenter was abused at her hometown. Sima Kotecha said that she did not hear the word since the 1980s.

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However, the impact is getting worse. There are reports of beating Polish people around the UK. Muslims are also targeted in the xenophobic attacks after the Brexit. The rising intolerance has drawn sharp criticism from the government and PM David Cameroon has said that hate crimes must be stopped and must be stamped out of the country. The London Police and Mayor also confirmed that they are trying their best to protect the people with difference ethnicity and culture. The EU separation is yet to happen even though the Brexit Impact has already shown the true colours.

There are abused messages on roads, at the school walls and even at the Polish families. Britain has decided to go back to the dark ages again and the separation of EU was meant for the same, many said after the attacks on the Polish as part of the Brexit Impact. The photos of the attacks and the messages are disturbing and annoying as well. The bloodshed is clearly disturbing but it is even more annoying. British invaded almost half of the world and established the Great British Empire and now they want the others to leave their country just after they voted against for EU.
Here are the Pictures of UK where the racist attacks on Polish, Muslims, Romanians and other EU citizens are reported.

Two Polish Men beaten in Upton
Two Polish Men beaten in Upton

Two Polish Men beaten in Upton 2

Two Polish Men beaten in Upton 1

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