Breonna taylor protest
Source: KIRO TV

Breonna Taylor protest went out of hand yesterday in Louisville. The protest broke out after the jury announced the decision.

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The jury did not charge any of the police officers involved in the fatal shooting for the death. Brett Hankison is facing wanton endangerment charges. However, these are not related to the fatal shooting.

The decision has sparked a new round of protests.

On Wednesday, Louisville Police announced a state of emergency before the verdict was announced. However, the protestors became violent. Two police officers were shot in the protest in the wake of Breonna Taylor protest.

Several social media videos showed protestors with the weapon. This has been the story of the US during the summer. The violent protest, arson, loot, riot in the name of protest. The protestors who took the street against violence did exactly the same, violence, and harmed others.

To control the situation, the police had to arrest many protestors for violence. At least 127 people were arrested from the protest site.

The protests however erupted even on Thursday not only in Louisville but in different parts of the US.

Breonna Taylor was killed in a raid by the police officers during a narcotics investigation. She was shot multiple times in her own home. There was no drug found at her home later.

The City of Louisville has already reached an agreement of a $12mn settlement with the family of Breonna Taylor for wrongful death.

However, it seems, the issue is far from over.