Breast cancer cell treatment
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Breast Cancer treatment is not far away

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Breast cancer cells can be 100% killed, scientists in Australia discovered. As per the research, honey bee venom is capable of completely destroying the triple-negative breast cancer and HER2 – enriched breast cancer cells.

The astonishing result came from the research of Dr. Ciara Duffy, from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and The University of Western Australia. She used the honey been venom sourced from Western Australia, UK, and Ireland. She claimed that a specific concentration of the venom can destroy the cancer cells. The best part is that it has a minimum impact on the normal cells.

She has used 312 bees to test clinical research. She used it on subtypes of cancer cells including those which have limited treatment options.

The key ingredient was melittin, found in the honey bee venom. It can destroy the cancer cells within 60 minutes, said Ciara. This was the first research of honey bee venom on different types of breast cancer cells.

She also said that the melittin actually reduces the chemical messages of cancer cells within 20 minutes. These chemical messages are responsible for cancer growth and division. Hence, it can spread the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Professor Peter Klinken, Chief scientist of the University of Western Australia termed it a very important observation. He explained that this is an example that natural compounds that can be used to treat human diseases.

She did the research as part of her Ph.D. Dr. Duffy told that everything started from collecting honey bee venom from Perth, reported She explained that the bees were put to sleep using carbon dioxide. The bees were kept on ice and then the venom bulb was pulled out from the abdomen. The researchers extracted the venom with careful dissection, claimed Dr. Duffy.