Break Up is one of the harshest words in the dictionary for the people in a relationship. Yes, there can be many things that you do not like in your partner, but it is not always easy to move on. People try to stick to a single point and ignore others. However, a point comes in everyone’s life when it becomes impossible to continue. But to say those things to your partner needs courage and opportunity. How to spell out the break up to your partner remains the biggest question. Here are the things that might help you.

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The Relationship experts say that honesty is the best way to move on. You must confront your partner and tell the truth. Yes, the emotions from both sides may come out. However, it is not always sadness or shock; sometimes it can be anger and agony as well. In order to prepare for that, you must tell things slowly but eventually make him or her understand why you may not be the best partner. Life moves on and so does the choices.

Face to Face Conversation

Calling it off over a phone is an age old idea. Well, none of you would be able to come out of it. The best way is to talk face to face. Explain the situation calmly and make him or her understand the things that cannot be sorted out anymore.

Take your friend

You must take precautions especially if you have a violent partner who can become angry at small things. Ensure that your friend does not interfere when you converse and neither remains in the scene. However, he or she should be at the safest distance and reach you in the case of any emergency.

It is your life and you must have the options to choose your partner.