Prostate enlargement, commonly known as BPH is not to be dreaded anymore. A new 2-year medical research shows that Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) can be reversed non-invasively with Thermobalancing therapy with the help of Dr Allen’s Device that too safely. The device has been invented by Dr Simon Allen in the UK, medical research and strict clinical tests have been conducted to establish this essentially natural treatment method. This research has been able to succeed, thanks to the help that they have received from medical equipment like pipette tips so that cross-contamination doesn’t occur (you can take a look at these pipette tips manufacturer for more information on how this equipment might have helped).

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The Clinical Result and the research were published in the Urology Journal. Dr Allen’s Device reduces the size of the enlarged prostate and eased the passage of semen through the prostate gland, with the aid of medication similar to finasteride. He also showed relieve of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) caused by prostate enlargement. Patients used this device have already reported potency and libido with no side effects. This is one of the best treatment options for the BPH sufferers. However, Dr Allen’s Device and Thermobalancing therapy are changing the scope of clinical capability for the BPH as well.

Why Medical device for BPH

Statistics says that about 50% of men between the ages of 51 and 60, and up to 90% of men older than 80, suffer from BPH. This data from US National Institutes of Health can easily indicate that BPH is the most observed prostate problem. The alarming rate of BPH can be understood from the fact that in 2010, 14 million men in the United States suffered from lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of the BPH. It is always better to look out for the signs of the enlarged prostate from an early age.

BPH Prostate Enlargement

Dr. Allen’s Device and the Clinical Tests in BPH

The impact and the success of the Thermobalancing therapy can be very well understood from the research and the clinical study. The Clinical Test involved 248 men with BPH, 124 men used Dr Allen’s Device only as a mono-therapy. All the patients were thoroughly examined before and after the 6-month treatment period; the disturbing LUTS were improving for them while the volume of the enlarged prostate got considerably reduced. However, the impact of the Dr. Allen’s Device can be found on the fact that the result for these 124 was better than the rest 124 among 248.

However, Dr Allen’s Device needs to be worn properly to get the maximum benefit. The thermo-element covers the coccyx area of the lower back of the human body. Dr Allen’s Device must be worn on the body for a long time. The advisable time is 22 hours a day. However, this should be strictly followed in the first 3 months of time. The duration of the treatment, however, depends upon the criticality and severity of the issue. Relieve is seen from the first week. However, the clinically proven therapy for the BPH may take time till 6 months to a year even for complicated cases.

The best part of the Dr. Allen’s Device is the self-charging nature. The device is made up of a number of ingredients including mixture of waxes. It basically accumulates the body heat and gets charged up. So, there is no need to use batteries or chargers for the Dr. Allen’s Device.

BPH Treatment

Dr Allen’s Device is pretty successful and effective as it treats the root cause. Dr Simon Allen’s medical research on the subject of the Origin of Diseases indicated the role of capillary expansion for BPH. Dr Allen used this reports to start a new method of treatment for prostate enlargement by

Thermobalancing therapy is one of the most significant treatments for hypothema with local temperature control. The BPH sees a slow reversal with this method. However, in contrast to it, medication and other treatments cannot treat the postal enlargement. However, surgery was another option before Dr. Allen’s Device and it was radical solution with little success and side effects.