Boycott Snapchat – Is it too early or Evan Spiegel deserves it

Boycott Snapchat is trending in social media as #boycottsnapchat in the protest against the “Poor Countries like India and Spain” remark allegedly made by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.

Boycott Snapchat

Everything started when the US-based News Website Variety quoted Ex-Snapchat Employee Anthony Pompilano. Anthony said that CEO Evan Spiegel said that he does not want to extend the Snapchat in the poor countries like India and Spain in September 2015. The report further says that the incident was from a meeting where a proposal was put forwarded to increase the user base in the countries like India with higher smartphone penetration. However, the CEO allegedly stopped the proposal in between and reportedly remarked that Snapchat App is for the rich people and not for the poor people.

The backlash was expected and Indians have already making it difficult for Snapchat. As per the reports of Economic Times, the current version of the App has One Rating, and all versions of rating were one and Half Star. The overall rating for the App on Android Play Store is Four Star.

Snapchat has denied all the allegations. There is no official proof for the statement carried out by Evan Spiegel. However, the backlash is already peaking up. India has four millions of users of Snapchat. There are many employees of Snapchat in India. The backlash of Indian users may trouble the US based app.

It is expected that Snapchat would soon take some actions. The Social Media is still trending with #boycottsnapchat.