boy in foster care
Source: KFOR

A boy in Foster Care at Oklahoma in the US issued a heartfelt plea for a family. The nine-year-old, Jordon, has only one wish, a family. His plea took the internet by storm and since then the foster care where he is staying has received 5000 applications for adoption thanks to the report carried out by KFOR

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Jordon came to the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma when he was three years old along with his brother Braison. He has spent a good six years in foster care but he seeks a family. In his words, he wants, Mum and Dad, or only Mom or only Dad. Well, his emotional plea has reached many hearts and the foster care has actually appointed extra resources to scan through the application. They believe that he would go to his new family within six months.

His brother Braison has already been adopted. Since then he has suffered a lot of emotional stress as he spends fewer times with his brother. Braison has been adopted by a family in Oklahoma. The foster care wants a family from Oklahoma to adopt him so that he can stay in touch with his biological brother. The family that adopted Braison has agreed to this proposal and said that they would take them on day passes to arrange some quality time together.

Jordon has gone through a lot of trauma in foster care. State Worker Christopher Marlowe said that a couple of families showed interest in adopting him and after the disclosure, they backed off.

Jordon is unaware of his fame. The department clarified that they do not want to get the hopes of the little boy. He has already felt let down by other families and they do not want to take any chance.

The social media has sent an overwhelming response ever since the video has gone viral. We hope that little Jordon, the boy in foster care now gets his family soon.