Boy cannot have a ponytail
Source: Manchester Evening News

Boy cannot have a ponytail, told a school, making the parents furious. The parents were disgusted and said that this is discrimination.

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Tyler Brown, started his first year in the Alder Community High School in Hyde recently. However, just after three days, his dream days of the school was over. He was told to remove his ponytail.

The 11-year-old boy was heartbroken. He wants to have Thor’s hairstyle just like Marvel’s Superhero. His parents told that the school allows a girl to wear a ponytail, but not allowing boys. They have termed it as sexual discrimination.

Rachel Howard and Robert Brown, the parents of Tyler said,

“He decided he wanted to start growing his hair during the lockdown. It’s not really long enough for a full pony, but it’s too long to have it down as it covers his face, so he just has it tied up with the bobble on his crown and the bits on the top gelled down. Me and his mum did try to talk him out of it at first and with him starting a new school we didn’t want him to become a target among the kids, especially as he doesn’t know many of them yet.”

However, the parents decided otherwise later and respected his choice. They accused that Tyler was singled out and belittled. They said that the school should have contacted them directly rather than embarrassing the boy and make him a target for bullies.

The parents have called the school and termed the incident ridiculous. They argued that he is a complete uniform, but his ponytail is not allowed.

The next day, the parents again sent the boy with hair up. The school said that they will not force him to remove his ponytail. However, they did the same once again. The headteacher did not even let the boy call his parents.

The parents were in a stalemate with the school, as both the parties refuse to come to a term. School insists that the boy cannot have a ponytail, but the parents say, its 2020, and the wish of the boy must be respected.