Source: NDTV

BMC Elections Live : Shiv Sena is ahead in at least 83 seats so far in the early counting of the BMC Elections. The 227 seats election is considered to be one of the important ones in the state of Maharashtra. Shiv Sena has ruled the BMC for over two decades with its ally BJP. However, this is the first election where both the parties are fighting alone.

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BJP has secured leads in at least 81 seats so far. This is a phenomenal number for the BJP as they have already bettered their previous best of 31. The split in the ally could benefit BJP in a big way and Shiv Sena may just have to face the heat. The majority mark for the BMC Election is 114 and at this time, no party is seems to be in position to reach there.

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Shiv Sena is quite close but as the party has already declared that no support of BJP would be entertained even after the poll results, so the single largest party for BMC seems to be void here. The mandate should become fractured and the other parties like Congress, MNS and NCP may play greater roles in the BMC Elections provided they get respected numbers of seats.

BJP and Shiv Sena both have claimed that they would win the elections but majority is no where in the card at least as per the early trends. Shiv Sena might need another 20-25 seats to reaffirm its hold in BMC or Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Results so far

Trends and Leads 

Shiv Sena – 83

BJP – 81

Congress – 30

MNS – 6

NCP – 8