BLM Protests in Rochester –Is New York going towards Mobocracy?

BLM protests in Rochester in New York can make you feel threatened and empowered at the same time. BLM protestors took the street in Rochester to protest against killing Daniel Prude. However, things are not as it seems to be. The protestors just took the street under ransom and created a ruckus.

In the video circulated by local media outlets, it was seen that protestors made things horrible for the people. In one video, the BLM protestors went to restaurants and smashed tables. They started harassing people in the restaurant. The patrons who were at the restaurant were forced to flee the restaurant. The protestors smashed their tables while they were eating. It was complete anarchy on the street.

One bus stop was lit on the fire during the protest by BLM protestors. The protestors did not stop there, they threw fireworks at officers in Rochester. There were at least 5000 people during the protest. They marched with peaceful protest but soon turned violent and rioting on the streets.

BLM protests in Rochester

BLM protests in Rochester started after the death of Daniel Prude. The Black Live Protestors took the city under seize and started rioting.

However, Rochester is not something new. The American cities are burning with protestors rioting and looting. New York is the script of the model world, but now the Rochester and other cities in New York is under mobs.

The United States of America is known for democracy but now it is slowly heading towards mobocracy. The political parties, the opportunists, and different organizations are taking opportunities to riot the cities.

Mobs do not have a face. They are opportunists and want to push the country towards anarchy. It is high time that Americans oppose violent protestors who have taken control of the city.