Source: FNTV

BLM protestors block Washington bridge for about 20 minutes causing a traffic jam at around 7:30 PM on Saturday. The protestors marched into the bridge from Washington Heights. Around 100 protestors gathered around the Bronx area and stopped the traffic. Both the lanes of the upper level of the bridge were blocked by the BLM protestors.

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The protestors then marched to the Police precinct and clashed with the NYPD. The group of protestors was driven out of the bridge by Port Authority Police. However, soon they headed towards the 34th Precinct. They were joined by another group of demonstrators. Just four blocks away from the bridge, they met a line of police at the precinct. Police had to use force to clear the area after the violent clash.

Hawk Newsome, leader of the Greater New York Chapter of BLM boasted about blocking the bridge. NY Post reported that some protestors who do not want to be named boasted that BLM has huge power to stop the traffic at the peak time.

Many videos in social media have emerged that show protestors met police in riot gears in Manhattan. The reports have confirmed that at least 6 people were arrested after BLM protestors block Washington bridge and violently clashed with the police.

The group of protestors was cleared by the police at around 10 PM. No injury was reported by the police. However, the protestors claimed that many were injured due to police action.

BLM protests have rocked the United States since the death of George Floyd. However, what started as a peaceful protest has turned into violent clashes, riots, arson, loot, and other criminal activities.