Soho damage
Source: New York Post

Black Lives Matter protest is going nowhere now. The Friday night when the protestors planned to stage their dissent went out of hand in Rochester and Manhattan as well in New York.

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The NY Post received surveillance footage of Friday of Soho town where the protestors went on a rampage of destruction. The footage shows that protestors marching down Lafayette Street in Soho. Protestors were all-black clad.

One of the protestors then brings an object from the bag with a covered face and started smashing the window of a coffee shop. Few comrades of the attacker then come with an umbrella to mask the attacker.

The Coffee shop was among many local shops that were damaged and vandalized. Starbucks of Soho also suffered similar damage and windows were smashed. The authorities estimated at least $100,000 damage of properties during the protest on Friday. The Black Lives Matter Protest has now been hijacked by the vigilantes, rioters, and anti-social elements.

Reaction of Locals

Small business owners and locals are frustrated and agitated with the protestors and the protest. Many are venting their anger and asking the Mayor and Governor to denounce the violence. The organizers of the protestors have also not denounced the violence. This has frustrated the people even more.

The small shop owners and business communities are already on lifelines after New York was crippled with the pandemic. As the situation is improving now, the protestors and rioters have made their lives disarrayed.

President Donald Trump has called the rioters and violence as Domestic Terror. Joe Biden has asked for calm but has not really denounced the violence from the protest. Anarchism is running through the cities of America and politicians are busy in scoring points.

People of the country are stand to suffer because of the violence. The Black Lives Matter protest has now started disturbing the livelihoods of everyone.