BJP toppling Himachal Pradesh Government as blamed by the HP CM, Virbhadra Singh. A day after president rule is imposed in Uttarakhand, BJP has started targeting Himachal Pradesh chief minister. Earlier, Virbhadra Singh, CM of Himachal Pradesh has accused BJP trying to topple his government in the state. The state BJP spokesperson denied all the allegations stating that there is growing discontent within the congress party. Since few months, the state BJP is demanding for chief minister Virbhadra Singh’s resignation over corruption charges. The state BJP said in a press conference that “Congress has no right to be in power as the chief minister faces several corruption charges due to which the government is not functioning properly.” The BJP spokesperson also added that the situation has came quite volatile in the state as the CM can go behind the bars anytime as CBI is probing the case. Congress is already struggling in Manipur and the blame of Himachal Government has raised serious concerns. President Rule in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand has been already imposed as the Congress government failed to prove the majority.

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BJP toppling Himachal Pradesh Government

In the Press conference state BJP spokesperson said that,” In order to gain public sympathy, the chief minister is purposely blaming opposition parties including BJP.” Meanwhile, Enforcement Directorate claimed that they have enough proof against the current Himachal Pradesh chief minister in a money laundering case. As per source, Singh who is already facing corruption charges could be arrested for forging legal documents in disproportionate asset case. On Monday, the chief minister met Congress head Sonia Gandhi to clarify on the situation. The new blame that BJP toppling Himachal Pradesh Government must raise the eyebrows of the Congress.

With CBI and ED handling the case, congress accused BJP and the central government of using the investigating agencies to persecute the congress state governments. The state Himachal chief minister also approached Delhi high court to seek relief from personal appearance before ED but the court did not granted any exemption.