Bigg Boss 9 is becoming very interesting now. Well, the existing contestants did not create enough entertainment and Bigg Boss made sure that audience get enough with the Wild Card Entries. The new entrant Priya Malik has entered the house with a bang yesterday but it will be interesting to see what she does in the house. But she has the potential to make Bigg Boss even more interesting. But do you know about her? Here are the things about Priya Malik that you will be shocked to know.
Big Brother Australia

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She was the finalist in the Bigg Brother Australia. She was one of the favourite contestants in the house and known for her attitude. She kept other on their toes during her stay in the house.

She is a Teacher

She is basically a Teacher in an Australian College. Well, hardly anyone can guess her profession with her attitude.

Indian Origin

Priya Malik is an Indian Origin girl. She is born and brought up in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. She however pursued her English Honours Degree from Delhi University.


She is an enlisted comedian and does great stand up comedy. She was a member of Adelaide Comedy and won the hearts of the people.

Full of Entertainment

As a wild card she is going to make people mad for sure. Her stay in Bigg Brother at least indicates the same. She once made other sacrifice their food for a week for her own benefit, so you know, how will she irritate the house. A fight with Kishwar and Mandana seems nothing but obvious.

Brave Girl

She is not going to be an “Abla Nari” or poor woman in the house at all. She has faced Racist Attack in Bigg Brother Australia and was brave enough to tackle it with all her guts.

Priya Malik is a great entry to house and this week will be interesting to watch in Bigg Boss Double Trouble.