Bigg Boss 10 contestant has been revealed by the media houses. The new Bigg Boss 10 is expected to be aired in October this year and Pakistani controversial model Qandeel Baloch is said to be the first one to be selected for the show. Quandeel Baloch is a controversial figure and remains in news for her statement and videos. She was recently spotted in the video during WT20 as she was seen abusing Shahid Afridi for the loss against India. Interestingly, the followers commented on her video that she is in eyes of Bigg Boss and all her acts have paid off. Bigg Boss is considered as one of the prime platforms for the celebrities for the fame and popularity.

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Qandeel Baloch

Bigg Boss 10 will be reportedly hosted by Salman Khan. The entire list of the Bigg Boss 2016 will be officially released on the day of launch. Bigg Boss will be different this season and as per the reports, the reality show will this time feature most of the non-celebrity people. The concept of the show is to promote the people through the perfect background. However, the entire concept has not been released. The auditions of the Bigg Boss is said to be undergoing in various parts of the country.

Bigg Boss 10 will be aired on Colors TV and the show is expected to start in early October as schedule. However, the contestants of the 10th season of Bigg Boss will be something to look for.