Maharashtra Government may fall after the results of the Civic Polls if the minority Government loses the support of others. Well, with all possibilities it looks that the trouble is not for name sake now. After Shiv Sena snapped the ties with BJP, NCP now has threatened.

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Well, the Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thakre said that they would consider the support to the BJP Government after the election results of the Civic Polls. In others, the party is just waiting to see the ground reality in the civic polls where the party is contesting without any political alliance with the BJP. On the other hand, NCP that has also gone ahead alone in the Civic Polls has shown the reservations of continuous support to the BJP Government.

The NCP Chief Sharad Pawar said that if Shiv Sena removes the support to the Government, then NCP would also do the same. NCP may not support the Maharashtra Government after that. However, all the parties are waiting for the Civic Polls would unearth many cards for the political parties in Maharashtra.

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The NCP chief said that the support was previously given to bring the stability of the state that saw fraction mandate. However, after 2 years, it is very clear, that he BJP is not best for Maharashtra. So, the ties with BJP Government are out of question and contention.

However, if the Shiv Sena loses out many seats, then they may continue to support the government. But if the results come in their favour then Uddhav Thakre may create a political instability in the state.