Bhopal Encounter has sparked a major controversy in the country. Political parties are busy in accusing each other for the encounter. The SIMI Terrorists who were gunned down by the Bhopal Police fled from the Bhopal Central Jail. They killed Head Constable as well.

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The Post Mortem report has now started raising questions on the encounter. However, does it really point anything? The report says that the accused had multiple wounds of entry and exit and mostly in the upper part of the Body. So, it is very clear that the firing was done to kill. The IG of Police of Madhya Pradesh has defended the actions and said the accused have very notorious track record and they have even killed policemen. Also, it has been said that the action was mere retaliation.

There are many questions that are still unanswered. Few sections are raising questions that the case against them was in court and were not convicted. The video footage is also not verified and under same consideration, it should not be treated as proof.

There are moral questions associated with the case. However, the fact is that the accused were involved with SIMI, a banned Islamic outfit. A policeman has been killed and that could raise major question on security lapses. However, the post mortem report hardly clarifies anything so far on Bhopal Encounter.

A SIT has been constituted to know the depth of the case.

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