Best Summer Destinations in India

Are you looking for summer destinations in India for a short trip? Here are the best destinations that can make your trip memorable and comfortable.


Yes, this is a popular place and common travel destination in India, but one cannot come out of the charisma of the hill station. The popular and old temples, colonial architecture and the enticing scenic beauty of this place would mesmerize you. Obviously, you will be out of the burning sun in this summer. The shopping experience at the Mall Road is one of the best things that you can enjoy. Shimla has good connectivity from Delhi and Chandigarh. If you’re travelling alone and are planning on making this one of your ports of call, make sure to follow these top tips to stay safe when travelling.


Lets, come back to the Southern part of India. Ooty is one of the most beautiful hill stations that enjoy the comfortable and soothing weather. The famous Ooty Lake is one of the most beautiful places to be in this summer. Ooty is the best place to stay if you have limited number of days. It has very good connectivity from Coimbatore.


This is again in North India. A popular hill station that is covered by the beautiful nature. High mountains and the comfortable weather can be really mesmerizing. You can go to the place and discover the beauty of the hill station. The beautiful waterfalls make it even more beautiful. This place is very close to Dehradun.


This place popularly goes by the name Araku Valley. One of the most beautiful hill stations in Southern India, Araku is known for the beauty and tranquility. You can enjoy your short trip here with nature. This place is very close to Vizag.

There are many other Summer Destinations in India in all around the country. However, these can be visited in a short trip. If you are making the journey out to India, don’t forget to check what travel vaccines you may need from PharmaVaccs.

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