Bitasta Saha found dead in her Kolkata Apartment by her friends. The Bengali Actress who did some feature films and cinema was hanging when her friends broke the door of her apartment. The Police has informed that Bengali Actress Bitasta Saha had serious cut marks on both of her hands. However, no suicide note has been found.

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There are many angles of the investigation at the preliminary stage. Many people come to the Movie Industry to become the superstar of tomorrow and some get defeated by their life in the due course. The youngsters feel let down of their career and often take extreme steps. However, the relationship trouble could be another reason for this suggests the reports. In fact, her Facebook Status of December 2016 indicates that she was going through some emotional turmoil. However, her friends said that they had no idea about her intentions if it all, she has committed suicide.

Here is her Facebook Post

However, Kolkata Police has not overruled the chance of any foul play as Bitasta Saha found dead in her apartment. The cut marks on her hands raise serious questions. The dead body has been sent for the post-mortem and the detailed report is awaited. The investigation has already begun and the police are interrogating the neighbours and the friends for more information.

She has acted in movies like Kalkiyug, Banchha Elo Fire among others. It is yet to be established that whether she committed suicide or Bitasta Saha was murdered. The Bengali Film Industry is in deep shock after the Bitasta Saha death news spread out.

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